Byas’d Opinions?

Byas’d Opinion is a jazz blog. It will contain CD and concert reviews plus some general musings on the state of jazz. My name’s Tom Shearer. I’m based in Glasgow, Scotland, so there will be more coverage of music in and from Scotland than of music from elsewhere. I’ll try not to be parochial, though.

The title, in case you hadn’t already worked it out, is borrowed from a tune by the great tenor player Don Byas.

19 thoughts on “Byas’d Opinions?”

  1. tom bancroft said:

    hi tom I’d like to send you a cd., where to?

  2. tom bancroft said:

    hi tom i didnt realise that was going to be posted on your page, sorry!

  3. here’s a blog down South which might be worth a link?


    jon turney

  4. Hi Tom

    If you can email me with your mailing address & email then I’ll add you to our media list so you can receive our latest cd releases and news.


    James Taylor
    P3 Music & The Guitar Label

  5. Hi Tom,

    Likewise, please give me an email so I can send you some free stuff!

    Enjoying your blog.


  6. Something you might be interested in – Bill Kyle (of The Jazz Bar) is looking for non-professional musician volunteers in Glasgow to organise a series of jazz gigs in Glasgow under the umbrella of his promotion organisation this year. The deadline is the end of this week for funding applications, so he needs to know ASAP if people are interested and a meeting would be arranged this week to discuss possibilities. I expressed an interest and said I’d contact some other people who might be interested. You may have heard about it already. I can forward you the full details if you let me know your email address – you can contact me on euphbass[at]euphbass[dot]com, or euphbass[at]livejournal[dot]com. Or contact Bill directly at bill[at]thejazzbar[dot]co[dot]uk.

  7. Hi Tom,

    I really enjoy your blog on the Scottish jazz scene – very informative. I’m from Glasgow.

    I run, which has a jazz blog Do you fancy exchanging blog links?



    • Hello Tom (and anyone else out there who knows),

      A beautiful site here. I wonder – do you know of a forum/place where jazz musicians looking to form a band can advertise and meet other possible band members?
      In this instance it would be the Glasgow/Ayrshire area – any ideas?
      Cheers, Louise

  8. Siobhan Duncan said:

    Just read the Brass Jaw at the Vale review, that’s cool. I’ll keep an eye out for you and your blogs now :) and keep you posted on gigs etc

  9. Hi Tom,

    Enjoying your blog. Please get in touch so I can send you some music. Cheers.


  10. Hi Tom,

    I’m really enjoying your site- great work!

    I was wondering if you might review my new album or one of the gigs on my mini launch-tour? You can hear the album (which will only be available for download rather than an actual CD) here: Info on the mini-tour is here:

    Look forward to reading more!


  11. Hi Tom
    really enjoying your blog.
    Thought you may be interested in this exhibition at Kings Place gallery, 90 York Way in London.

    15 October – 26 November 2010
    SEFTON SAMUELS Jazz Legends up Close
    Concert Level Kings Place
    Louis Armstrong / All Stars
    Jazz Legends up Close brings together five decades of work by leading British photographer
    Sefton Samuels. The collection is the result of a lifetime spent by Sefton hanging around
    smoke-filled jazz clubs, capturing the biggest names as they performed, including Louis
    Armstrong, Count Basie, Courtney Pine, Dizzy Gillespie, Ronnie Scott and Duke Ellington. The
    photographs are distinguished by an intimacy which captures the soul of the performances,
    perhaps testimony to the passion for the music from behind the camera.
    Sefton Samuels enjoyed a brief career as a jazz drummer himself before taking up
    photography. His work is held in the National Portrait and V&A collections and he has
    exhibited nationally. He is described by the Guardian as “the photographic equivalent of
    Ken Loach” and as “Manchester’s finest” by Time Out.

  12. Hello Tom,
    I am working on a jazz documentary and I would like to contact you but I could not find your email on your blog.
    Could you send it to me? Thank you.
    Valeria Rios

  13. Hi Tom

    Always good to stop by here for your reporting. It’s very sad that Bill Kyle’s good promotions in Glasgow at the Art Club have been left hanging. (and without getting into the politics, it’s ridiculous what he’s been put through.) However, I’d like to let you know that there are some Glasgow jazz gigs coming up under the Bridge Music banner, beginning with my trio “Breach” which will play at The Griffin Bar on Bath Street, Glasgow at 9pm on Thursday 13th October (having played the jazz bar in Edinburgh the night before.) Publicity should be about to drop but in the mean time please spread the word and check out the band’s live videos here :

  14. Hi Tom

    My names Josh and I run

    Thankyou for that comment on the desert island discs post, I wasn’t even aware that Ian Rankin was a jazz fan. Unfortunately that BBC link you sent me isn’t available on iPlayer anymore but the preview video is and wow! what an interesting man.

    Just been looking round the blog and it looks great, I’ve added your link to my homepage under ‘People We Love’ (It’s a bit forward but means more than a ‘blogs I like’ title.

    Keep up the good work

  15. Hi Tom, couldn’t see this link anywhere on here.
    Am sure people have some Edinburgh Archive material somewhere, we just need to reach them.
    Great site, always good to check in for the excellent news.

  16. Hi Tom, might I send you a CD? (Where to?) It’s getting good airplay in the states. Louis

  17. Hi Tom,

    I work for 1930’s swing jazz sensation Benoit Viellefon and his Orchestra, we are releasing a live album very soon, could you please send me your e-mail adress please so i can send a free digital copy of the album so maybe you can review it.

    Thank you.


    Johnjohn Records.

  18. Alan Anderson said:

    Hi Tom – I’ve been trying without success to access the STV Jazz Series. Any advice?
    Alan Anderson

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