US fusion band The Yellowjackets start a short Scottish tour tomorrow, Sunday 10th March. Unfortunately they’re not performing in Glasgow, but they will be in Inverness, Perth, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glenrothes over the course of the next week.

This is the first tour under the new J-Word initiative, which aims to coordinate medium-sized venues across Scotland so that they can offer big name jazz musicians a proper tour, rather than isolated gigs here and there. More details of the Yellowjackets tour, plus interviews with several members of the band, can be found on the J-Word web site. There have also been recent interviews with their keyboard player Russell Ferrante in the Herald, and with drummer William Kennedy in the Scotsman.

Supporting the Yellowjackets on tour will be Trio Red, a band made up of Tom Cawley (piano), Per Zanussi (bass) and Tom Bancroft (drums). They’re an excellent trio, but I can’t help wondering how good a stylistic fit their lyrical improvised jazz will be. Or maybe it’s better to have a support band who play in a completely different style from the headliners, rather one which risks being seen as a pale imitation of the main act?

Anyway, if you’re going along, this is the sort of thing to expect  from the Yellowjackets (although it’s a different line-up which will be touring here, including Jaco Pastorius’s son Felix on bass):