If you sit through the credits at the end of “Killing Them Softly”, the recent gangster-movie-done-as-arthouse-film starring Brad Pitt and James Gandolfini, you’ll see a “Special thanks to…” credit to Wynton Marsalis.

The film was made in Marsalis’s home town of New Orleans, but the location is almost incidental: it could be any large US city with run down areas and an organised crime presence. You know it’s not New York or Detroit or anywhere in Florida because characters refer to coming from, or going to, those places, but I wasn’t aware of anything that specifically identified it as New Orleans. Besides, it’s definitely not a film the New Orleans Tourist Board will be using as a promotional video.

And there’s no jazz in it. A good soundtrack, yes, but no jazz.

So… Does anyone know what Marsalis’s involvement was?