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Online music magazine The Quietus has a lovely article by Bill Wells remembering his encounters the great maverick improvising saxophonist Lol Coxhill who died earlier this month: “Free in the Truest Sense: Bill Wells Remembers Lol Coxhill“.

It’s particularly good on Coxhill’s involvement with Scottish musicians. Indeed, one of his last recordings is the recently-released Improcherto (for HB) by the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. It’s the most accessible album GIO I’ve heard for someone from a jazz background, as there’s a relatively easy-to-follow repeated cycle of orchestra then soloist then orchestra plus soloist which gives it more structure than their completely improvised pieces. This version, recorded at a Gateshead concert, is very different from the performance of it at the City Halls last year. Coxhill is one of the soloists, along with fellow guest Evan Parker and Raymond MacDonald, Neil Davidson and John Burgess from within GIO.

The piece is dedicated to the memory of Harry Beckett, who coincidentally played in the Bill Wells Octet in the days when Bill was playing a lot more jazz than he is today. (John Burgess, Steve Kettley, Chick Lyall, and Tom Bancroft were some of the others in that band).

Finally, here’s a fine interview with Lol himself by John Cavanagh. Rufus Thomas, Kevin Ayers, free improvisation, The Damned, they’re all in there.