Apologies for the lack of recent posts: I’ve been on holiday. I hope to get a couple of fairly substantial pieces up in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, here’s some information about a new series of live jazz performances on the Southside.

Balbir’s Saffron Lounge in Pollokshaws Road, Shawlands has been putting on free early evening jazz since the start of March. On Thursday nights from 6.30pm to 9pm there is a trio or quartet playing, and on Fridays and Saturdays a solo pianist, again starting at 6.30 but going on until 10.30. Among the musicians participating are Euan Stevenson, Lorne Cowieson, Konrad Wisznewski, Paul Harrison, Tom Gibbs and Alan Benzie. I believe these concerts are a continuation of the concerts which used to be on at Tiffin Rooms near Charing Cross.

In addition to these standard gigs, they will also be putting on some concerts during the Glasgow Jazz Festival. These include appearnces by Birmingham pianist David Austin Grey, singer Judith Williams, Tom Gibbs with singer Louise Mochan and, best of all, Brian Kellock.

I haven’t been to the Saffron Lounge, but unless it’s changed a lot from its previous incarnation as Urban Grill (or was it simply called Urban?), it’s one big space inside, but split into two distinct areas so the listeners and the diners should be fairly well apart. It’s had good write-ups as a restaurant in the last couple of editions of The List’s Eating and Drinking Guide.

For information about who’s playing, the Jazz at the Saffron Lounge Facebook page looks like the best place to go.

I’ll definitely have to get along some nights, particularly as I live within walking distance.