Today is Record Store Day, a day set up to celebrate independent record shops and the contribution they make to keeping less mainstream forms of music alive. The initiative was set up in the United States in 2007 (hence “record store” and not “record shop”) but quickly spread to this side of the Atlantic.

Participating shops in the Glasgow area are:

  • Monorail Music (Kings Court)
  • Love Music (Dundas Street)
  • Rubadub (Howard Street)
  • That’s Entertainment (Argyle Street)
  • Apollo Music (Causeyside Street, Paisley)

There will be various live performances in the shops, and a number of exclusive vinyl issues and reissues for sale.

Unfortunately, while I’m not au fait with all of the local participants, I’m not aware of any of them having a particularly good stock of jazz.

Monorail does have a small but interesting selection of free and avant-garde jazz and improv recordings though: it’s certainly the place to try first if you’re looking for the latest product from The Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, the various Burt – Macdonald groups, or Japanese noisecore acts. I’ve also picked up excellent albums by Fred Anderson and William Parker there in the past.