The 2012 Glasgow Film Festival starts on Thursday, and runs until Sunday 26th February. This event is one of the highlights of the Glasgow cultural year, particularly for those of us who are interested in films other than the commercial drivel churned out by the big cinema chains. Tired of blockbusters which spend millions on the special effects and tuppence on the script? Had enough of romantic comedies which are neither romantic or funny? Scunnered by British films which hark nostalgically back to a class-ridden past we’re well shot of? This is the event for you.

There are well over 200 films on offer over the period, offering you drama and comedy from all round the world, interesting documentaries, a strand dedicated to German cinema, several rediscovered classics, a late night horror strand, and lots, lots more. And among that, there are several events of particular interest to jazz lovers:

Berlin: Symphony of a Great City

CCA, Saturday 18th, 3pm.

Innovative 1927 documentary giving an impressionistic portrait of everyday life in Weimar Berlin over the course of a single day. Presented here with a live improvised soundtrack by Trio AAB (Phil Bancroft sax; Tom Bancroft drums; Kevin Mackenzie guitar). I’ve always enjoyed Trio AAB’s mix of free-ish post-bop, jazz-rock and folk, so it’s good to see them active on this side of the country again. A geographically-challenged London critic once described the band’s music as “Ornette Coleman hits Sauchiehall Street”. Normally this is a case of “right sentiment, wrong city”, but given today’s venue, for once the description is spot on.

No One But Me

GFT, Tuesday 21st, 5pm.

An “intimate, revealing portrait” of Annie Ross. Jon Hendricks is listed as among the people who appear in it.


GFT, Friday 17th, 11.30am, and
Cineworld Renfrew St, Saturday 18th, 5.15pm.

Classic film noir, directed by Otto Preminger and starring Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews and Vincent Price. The jazz interest is in the theme tune, which quickly got picked up by musicians and became part of the standards repertoire: there are versions by Don Byas, Errol Garner, Charlie Parker, Nat King Cole, George Shearing, Dexter Gordon, Joe Lovano and Ran Blake to mention just a few. James Carter has done it too: