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This Tuesday’s gig at Slouch at 203 Bath Street, is by Breach, the trio made up of Paul Harrison (organ), Graeme Stephen (guitar) and Chris Wallace (drums).
It starts at 10pm and admission is free.

They’re well worth hearing. I didn’t get round to reviewing their fine gig at the Griffin towards the end of last year, but basically what you get is an organ trio that doesn’t come from the conventional Jimmy Smith school of organ trios. Yes, there’s a bit of funky bluesy stuff, but there’s also a good chunk of ambient music, a glance back at seventies jazz-rock (particularly Soft Machine), and occasionally some Eastern European folk as played by a tacky Black Sea hotel dance band in outer space. In other words, they don’t sound like anyone but themselves.

They’ve also got a rather good album out, On the Walk. (Kenny Mathieson’s review)

Here’s a tune from their performance at the Griffin. The picture’s a bit on the dim side, but the sound is fine: