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Alan Steadman, who presents the jazz programme on Radio Tay, and runs the gigs at Hospitalfield near Arbroath, turns up in Alexander McCall Smith’s The World According to Bertie, where he namechecks Brian Kellock:

“Arbroath?” said Stuart. “Is there jazz up there?”

Big Lou rounded on him. “What do you mean, is there jazz up there? Of course there’s jazz in Arbroath.”

“Hospitalfield, actually,” said Alan. “Do you know it? It’s an art college these days but, as it happens, we have a monthly jazz club there. There are lots of people round about who like to listen to jazz. We get great players going up there, you know. Brian Kellock’s coming up in a few weeks’ time. He’s based here in Edinburgh, but comes up to Arbroath now and again. Great pianist.”

That’s obviously an excuse, if one were needed, for a Brian Kellock video. Appropriately, this one is filmed (by Alison Kerr, I think) at Hospitalfield, and is one of a series of clips of this duo concert by Kellock and Warren Vaché which are available on YouTube.