Not if you believe The List. The listings magazine has just published what it calls “The Hot 100 2011: The definitive list of Scottish creative talent” (Nos. 100 – 50; 49 – 1). But it’s hardly definitive: there’s no-one from the country’s artistically thriving jazz scene in it. (With the possible exception of Bill Wells at No. 92, but he’s hardly an out-and-out jazzer).

Why are none of the following worth a mention?
Tommy Smith, world-class saxophonist and the driving force behind the jazz degree course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Graeme Stephen, Scottish Jazz Musican of the Year, a highly-inventive guitarist also active in the folk music world through his collaborations with Fraser Fifield.

Brass Jaw, media-savvy horn quartet who are making a name for themselves throughout the UK.

Bill Kyle, drummer, promoter and club owner, for putting on jazz in Edinburgh most nights of the year, and trying to make a go of putting some jazz on in Glasgow despite a lack of support from the country’s arts establishment.

Reading the List list again, I realise it’s not just jazz which gets short shrift: there’s no traditional or mainstream classical musicians either. So it might be a list of 100 trendy figures from broadcasting, theatre, visual arts, literature and pop music, but it’s hardly “definitive”, is it?

Fortunately I read it online: if I’d shelled out my hard-earned cash to buy a copy of the magazine I’d be demanding my money back.