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Tam White enters Hall of Fame

The 2011 Scottish Jazz Awards results ceremony was held at the Tron Theatre on Tuesday night.

In case you haven’t already seen the results, here they are:

  • Album of the Year: Branded, Brass Jaw
  • Bands of the year

    Early jazz: Nova Scotia Jazz Band

    Mainstream: Scottish National Jazz Orchestra

    Contemporary: Brass Jaw

  • Jazz Educator: Tommy Smith
  • Instrumentalist: Graeme Stephen
  • Singer: Carol Kidd
  • Up and coming musician: Corrie Dick
  • Project of the Year: Paul Harrison’s Hospitalfield Suite
  • Promoter: Bridge Music
  • Venue: The Jazz Bar, Chambers Street, Edinburgh
  • Festival: Glasgow Jazz Festival
  • Media: The Jazz House, BBC Radio Scotland
  • Services to Jazz Award: Alan Steadman (Promoter at Hospitalfield House in Arbroath and Radio Tay jazz presenter)

More details on the website of the Scottish Jazz Federation, who organised the event in conjunction with Jazz International.

Edinburgh blues singer Tam White, who died last year, gets inducted to the Scottish Jazz Hall of Fame where he joins Sandy Brown, Jimmy Deuchar, Alex Shaw and (the only living member) Bobby Wellins.

So let’s celebrate with some Tam White. Here he is from a few years back, accompanied by the Sermon Organ Trio (Paul Harrison organ, Malcom MacFarlane guitar, Tom Gordon drums)

And here’s the mid-80s incarnation of his band the Dexters. The sound quality on this means that it’s unfortunately mainly of historical interest, but if you’re really keen this entire concert is up on YouTube. Those of you who were around at the time will recognise some fine jazz musicians in the band: Brian Keddie (now based in Inverness) on trombone, Gordon Cruickshank (an excellent player who died far too young) on saxophone, and (generally out of shot) a very young Brian Kellock on keyboards.