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Nehru Park, Delhi, 10th April 2011

I thought Trio AAB had been fairly quiet in recent years, and was hoping they hadn’t split up, as they are a band whose music I’ve always enjoyed. But not doing much in Glasgow obviously isn’t the same as not doing much anywhere, for last week they played the closing set at the Delhi Jazz Festival in front of an audience of thousands.

Their entire set – indeed every set at the festival – was recorded and is available as a webcast at http://sehernow.in/Jazz2011/index-webcast.html. You need to scroll down to the foot of the list of acts to find them. Unfortunately I can’t work out a way to play individual tracks from it, so you unless you’re smarter than me when it comes to online video, you’ll have to start at the beginning of their set and work your way through to the end. Towards the end of their set they’re joined by some Indian musicians, and I gather they will be involved in a similar collaboration at this year’s Edinburgh Jazz Festival.

I haven’t explored the rest of the webcasts on the festival site yet. There are no big international names, but there are bands from Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden as well as plenty of Indian musicians.

As well as the full webcast, there are also some audience videos of Trio AAB’s Delhi set on YouTube, such as this one:

Thanks to Tom Bancroft for tipping people off about this.