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The three members of NeWtNeWt are busy chaps at the moment.

Last Wednesday Radio Scotland’s “The Jazz House” broadcast an interview with them. If you missed it, the programme’s repeated tomorrow at 8pm, and available online until the 24th. The show also includes a solo session from Jim Mullen.

On Friday, John Fordham gave their recent album NeWt 2 featuring Silke Eberhard a favourable review in the Guardian.

On Monday, they’re performing at the RSAMD as part of the early evening Blue Mondays season, starting at 6.30pm. At least, I think they are: the early publicity said it would just be Chris Greive but more recent material, including their guitarist Graeme Stephen’s web site, says that it will be the full trio. However many of them turn up, expect some involvement from the RSAMD’s jazz students as well.

Later that night, Radio 3’s “Jazz on Three” is broadcasting a set recorded during their recent tour with German alto sax and clarinet player Silke Eberhard. It’s their Manchester gig: if it’s as good as their Glasgow concert it will be well worth catching. The show will be available online for a week after it goes out.