Radio Three’s Jazz Library has recently run a two-part feature on Australian jazz. One musician who cropped up a couple of times was saxophonist Sandy Evans. Evans lived in Glasgow for a year or so in the late 80s before returning to Australia with her husband, Scottish sax player Tony Gorman, in tow. (Well where would you expect them to settle? When was it last minus four through the day in Sydney?)

Her departure was a bit of a loss to the Scottish scene. Not only was she one of the best locally-based tenor players around at the time, but this was also the time Laura Macdonald was starting her career and it looked as if they might be the start of a wave of female instrumentalists. It would be good to see her back over here sometime, but presumably the cost of flying a band over from Australia is prohibitive.

One of the bands she’s played with since returning Down Under is an outfit called the catholics which also includes Necks bass player Lloyd Swanton. If you ever manage to track a copy of their self-titled debut album down, it’s excellent. The guitar, bass, drums and percussion rhythm section lay down funky Afro-Latin grooves, and Evans and trombonist James Greening get plenty of space to blow fine solos over the top. (They’ve made other albums, but that’s the only one I’ve heard). I can’t find any clips of that band, but here are a couple of other pieces featuring Evans.

In Gest8, a band she co-leads with Tony Gorman

In a trio

And here’s an interview with Tony Gorman, who has now alas developed multiple sclerosis and therefore had to concentrate on composing rather than performing.