Klabbes Bank - cancelled due to adverse weather

This week’s gigs by Swedish group Klabbes Bank, due to take place in Edinburgh tonight and Glasgow tomorrow, have been cancelled because the band are stuck at home in Sweden due to the poor weather.

The email from Bridge Music announcing the cancellation explains:

Their flights are off and they are having major travel problems, like most of Northern Europe right now, so their whole UK trip is postponed. Hopefully we’ll have them back as a part of next season’s programme, which starts Feb 3 and runs for another 12 Thursdays – stay tuned for news!

We did consider putting on some of our excellent locally-based players as a substitute band this week, just to keep things regular, but on balance it was felt that with all of Glasgow experiencing travel difficulties, it was better just to hold off until next week’s gig.

And if you thought it was cold here, the forecast is for the band’s home town of Gothenburg to reach a maximum of -8C over the next couple of days. Brrrrr!

However, I suppose the cancellation gets a nasty clash of events out of the way. As far as I know, Femi Kuti’s gig at the Arches on Thursday is still on.