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Recital Rooms, 14th March 2010

I find my reaction to singers always starts off on the gut level of whether I like the sound of their voice or not. I could listen to Tim Buckley or Al Green sing the phone book, whereas Sting or Thom Yorke send me diving for the off-switch. Daryl Sherman’s got a light high-pitched voice which is very distinctive, but not one I took to at all. The little girlie quality to it I just found irritating. That said, she used her voice well, and played good swinging piano. Nigel Clark on nylon-strung acoustic guitar and Roy Percy on bass did a fine job as the remaining members of her trio. The set consisted of material from the Great American Songbook topped and tailed by a couple of Ellington/Strayhorn songs. Todd Gordon guested on a couple of songs.

Looking at it as objectively as possible, this was a decent gig, but I’m afraid that I couldn’t really work up much enthusiasm for it. She did what she did very well, and struck up a good rapport with the audience but I couldn’t really get past the fact that I found her voice annoying. There are more positive reviews of other concerts in her tour online: North Shields, Gosforth and London.