Bill Kyle, who runs Bridge Music and the Jazz Bar in Edinburgh, (www.thejazzbar.co.uk), is looking for volunteers to help put on a season of concerts in Glasgow.

He says

I visualise a team composed of 4-6 actual event stagers, a couple of ‘advisory’ posts with people like Paul Towndrow, Stuart Brown etc, and myself. Regular meetings would be required to plan ahead and ensure all is in place for events. In many cases the Glasgow events would be tied in with Bridge Music Edinburgh gigs, so we’re offering a touring band two Scottish dates instead of just one. There are many, many fabulous gig opportunities coming up that could be happening in Glasgow, but we need a strong local team to run them.

If you want to offer your services, or simply to find out more, you can get full details from Bill Kyle. I don’t want him to be submerged in a deluge of spam, so I won’t give his email address directly, but it’s “bill” followed by the usual “at” symbol followed by the bit of the Jazz Bar web address after the initial “www.”. I gather the deadline for his SAC funding application is soon, so if you’re interested you’ll need to get in touch quickly.