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A brief round-up of items I’ve come across on the web recently:

Calum Gourlay

His new quintet gets a favourable review from the London Jazz Blog. Looks like an interesting band, but there’s no word of them playing up here.

Brass Jaw

Their new album, Deal With It! is “an unalloyed treat“, according to the Vortex Jazz Club blog.

Celtic Connections

I’ve been to several concerts, in a variety of styles, and enjoyed them all. I like good folk music when I hear it live, but for some reason I find it doesn’t come across so well on record. My favourite of the ones I’ve been at so far was last Sunday’s performance by Chris Stout’s Brazilian Project. Chris Stout has got jazz form, having played in John Rae’s Celtic Feet, Colin Steele’s Stramash and some of Graeme Stephen’s bands.

Other reviews and interviews I’ve found online include:

  • Review of the An Tobar Sessions, featuring the David Milligan Trio
  • The fact that Zoe Rahman was the pianist in the band Danny Thompson put together for the Nick Drake tribute concert “WayTo Blue
  • The Scotsman’s interview with Jan Garbarek
  • Bobby McFerrin being declared the coolest person on the planet

The Herald’s arts coverage is usually fairly good, but there’s been surprisingly little about the festival this time round. In fact, I get the impression they’ve cut back on the number of reviews they have overall. Worrying. The Scotsman’s coverage of Celtic Connections has definitely been more thorough, despite it being an Edinburgh paper.

Parliamentary Jazz Awards

The public are being asked for nominations for this year’s Parliamentary Jazz Awards. The procedure seems to be: anyone who wants to can make nominations; a selection panel organised by Jazz Services draws up a shortlist; the All Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group picks the winner. (Maybe you don’t want to look into their membership list too closely: it makes me feel quite unclean to discover I’ve got anything in common with Bill Cash).

So, if you want to put your favourite musician (or even yourself!) forward for an award, you can do so via the online nomination form on the Jazz Services web site.