If you’re a regular reader, you’ll have noticed that I’ve changed the appearance of this blog. I’ve switched from using a design theme called “Regulus” to one called “Cutline“. I haven’t decided yet if it’s going to be a permanent switch or if I’ll eventually change back.

If I was doing this as a professional project and hosting it on my own server, I’d customise a theme to suit my own needs, but since I’m merely doing it as a hobby I’ve had to make do with one of the ones WordPress offers as standard.

I liked the overall look and feel of Regulus. It was moodily bluesy, which I thought was appropriate for jazz. On the other hand, I wasn’t convinced with that the colour contrast, especially on the links, was always good enough. I wanted something which complied with the recommendations in the World Wide Web Consortium’s Accessibility Guidelines.

Cutline has a nice crisp clean appearance, and the colour contrast is better. On the other hand, it feels less atmospheric, and the only way I could include the “A jazz blog from Glasgow” tagline was to make it part of the header graphic. I still haven’t managed to come up with the ideal photo: I need to find something which suggests both jazz and Glasgow. The current shot, of snowy rooftops in Langside, only meets the Glasgow part.

So. Is it an improvement?