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For a variety of reasons – including sheer laziness – I haven’t posted much recently. So this is just a brief catch-up.

Brass Jaw

Brass Jaw’s concert last week was excellent. I think having a trumpet in the line-up, rather than being a straightforward sax quartet, allows them to have a variety of tone colours in their repertoire which differentiate them from any of the all-sax bands (although there doesn’t seem to be as many of them around as there were in the 80s). They played a wide range of music, with lots of originals but also versions of pieces by Gershwin, Horace Silver, Sonny Rollins and Duke Ellington. Allon Beauvoisin on baritone basically stuck to providing the bass line, with Konrad Wiszniewski, Ryan Quigley, and above all Paul Towndrow all contributing some excellent solos. They had to revamp their running order when Towndrow was having problems with the F-sharp key on his alto, but it didn’t seem to phase them too much, possibly because, as Towndrow joked, “F-sharp’s an over-rated note anyway”. There was a healthy number of people in the audience, which was good to see as the last couple of jazz shows at the Recital Room were rather poorly attended.

Fuller review from Euphbass, who also has a video clip from one of their other tour dates.

Judy Carmichael

I was out of town visiting relatives when stride pianist Judy Carmichael made her appearance at the City Halls. I regret having to miss it, but sometimes these things can’t be helped. Euphbass was there, as was Alison Kerr for the Herald, and they both seemed to enjoy it.

100 not out

This is apparently my 100th post on the blog. Just thought I’d let you know.