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There are a couple of concerts on in Glasgow over the next few days which I haven’t mentioned yet.

John Williams and John Etheridge

On Sunday night, John Williams and John Etheridge are playing at the Old Fruitmarket. Just in case you’re in any doubt, this isn’t John Williams the film composer, but John Williams the guitarist. Williams is mainly a classical musician, although he’s musically fairly adventurous and has made forays into different musical territories through his work with Cleo Laine and as a member of late 70s MOR prog-classical abomination Sky. Etheridge has worked with a wide range of musicians in the jazz and jazz-rock world, including Stephane Grapelli and the Soft Machine. They will each be playing a solo set as well as performing as a duo. Details on the Glasgow Concert Halls site.

It looks like a must for all fans of serious guitar playing, although I do have my doubts about whether it’s the best venue for an event which will at least partly consist of solo acoustic guitar. The Grand Hall upstairs might have been a better bet.

Alyn Cosker

On Monday night, Alyn Cosker is playing at the RSAMD with the students of the RSAMD Jazz Ensemble. The concert starts at 6.30pm.That might not give you enough time to hear them and then get down to the City Halls to hear Brass Jaw, who will be performing in the Recital Room at 8pm.


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