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Sleeve of Alyn Cosker's "Lyn's Une"This is the debut album as leader from drummer Cosker, although he’s already got several recordings as a sideman under his belt. It’s largely Scofield-y jazz-rock, with Cosker’s regular trio of Ross Hamilton (electric bass) and David Dunsmuir (guitar) frequently augmented by various permutations of Tommy Smith and Paul Towndrow (saxes), Ryan Quigley (trumpet), Jason Rebello (piano) and Maureen McMullan (vocals).

It suffers slightly from the debut album syndrome of trying to show off too wide a range of styles: there are several pieces with a piano- rather than guitar-based sound which break the flow a bit (although they’re excellent in themselves). But there’s plenty to enjoy, not least the drumming.

The title, incidentally, is apparently a typo for “Alyn’s Tune”.

John Fordham’s review in The Guardian.