Deuchar’s IPA

I’ve long known that there’s a Deuchar’s IPA. And very good it is too. Listening to Jazz Record Requests last night, I discovered that there’s also a Deuchar’s IPA Special. It was written by Dundee’s Jimmy Deuchar, and recorded by a Ronnie Scott group on the album “Presenting the Ronnie Scott Sextet”. And very good it was too.


OK, I realise that the erratic bar turnover at the City Halls and Concert Hall means that the bars there are never going to be places where you get a fine selection of well-kept cask ales. In the circumstances, I’ll settle for a reasonable lager.

These bars used to have Tennent’s lager on draft. It was okay: not great but not awful. But since the summer, they’ve been stocking Carlsberg. It’s not an improvement. More to the point, it means that these venues, run by an offshoot of Glasgow City Council, have deliberately moved away from stocking a beer brewed here in Glasgow to stocking one which is no better and is made elsewhere. Why withdraw their support from Glasgow workers like this? And if there’s some particular issue with Tennent’s, why not get in one of the lagers brewed by West Brewery, just a few hundred yards from the City Halls?