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The Hub, Edinburgh. 1st August 2009

Italian pianist Enrico Pieranunzi has recorded several dozen albums since the late 70s, but remains little known in this country. On this showing it’s hard to know why.

His set consisted of a mixture of originals and standards. Everything he played combined a great lyrical and romantic quality with great virtuosity. Even when he was playing fast swinging jazz there was always a sensitive poetic quality to the music, yet it never became merely pretty. Bassist Darryl Hall (not the “and John Oates” one) and drummer Enzo Zirilli gave him fine support. I could have done with slightly fewer bass solos though, not because they were bad but because they sometimes broke the mood of the piece. Other than that, my one complaint would be that I thought the set was slightly short: 75 minutes rather than the advertised 90.