Recital Room, Glasgow City Halls, November 29th 2007

Not much to say about this one, except that it was excellent. Brian Kellock and Danish guitarist Jakob Fischer last played together in Glasgow as part of a Jan Allan group. A strength they share is that they are not only virtuoso soloists but know how to accompany well. They rarely fall back on simply playing the chords behind the solo, but at the same time never play so much that they steamroller over the soloist in the way that someone like Art Tatum was prone to do at times. Kenny Ellis played bass, laying down a solid support while keeping out of the way of his partners.

It’s noticeable that this sort of mainstream jazz seems to get a different, older, crowd than a lot of the more modern stuff. Glasgow definitely has several different jazz audiences: the trick for any promoter must be to put together a season which appeals to them all.