Various venues in and around Lockerbie, October 25th to 28th

The Lockerbie Jazz Festival has only been going a few years, but has quickly developed into one of Scotland’s most interesting festivals. It generally features a wide mix of fairly well known mainstream to modern names, one bigger name with potential to attract people from beyond the core jazz audience, and some interesting young local musicians.

This year is no exception. The big name is Acker Bilk; the local talent is Ben Bryden and Leah Gough Cooper; and there’s a wheen of interesting looking visitors.

One of the most intriguing looking concerts is on Saturday the 27th October, and features a sextet made up of sax players Jesse Davis and Tommy Smith, Oscar Peterson’s regular guitarist Ulf Wakenius, and Brian Kellock’s current international trio, the trendily-monickered BK3. It might work, it might not: the line-up is all the more intriguing because the player’s styles aren’t so distant from each other to suggest it is going to be an obvious mismatch, yet not so similar for there not to be the slight element of risk that they might not gel as a unit. Mind you, some of them are playing together elsewhere at the festival: the same line-up minus the horns will be playing as the Ulf Wakenius Quartet on Saturday lunchtime, and Brian Kellock’s BK3 are go on to play a lunchtime gig of their own on Sunday 28th.

On the Friday night, there’s a choice between Acker Bilk (if that’s your sort of thing), a Jesse Davis quartet gig with Paul Harrison on piano, and the highly entertaining singer Liane Carroll.

The local contribution comes from the Dumfries Youth Jazz Group on Thursday evening, the Ben Bryden Quintet at Saturday teatime, and Leah Gough Cooper’s Quartet on Sunday afternoon.

Full details of the concerts, including those I haven’t mentioned here, are available on the Lockerbie Jazz Festival web site.