In case you haven’t seen it, there’s an online petition under way to get Stan Tracey a peerage, or a knighthood, or some other recognition of his achievements. Or, to put it into the more formal language required, “We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Recognise through high honours the contribution of Stan Tracey, Jazz Musician, to British Art and Culture.”

Go to and sign it. Why? Well, as the originator of the petition put it,

Stan Tracey is the most renowned British Jazz musician; he has composed major orchestral works and the suite ‘Under Milk Wood’. For many years Stan Tracey was the pianist at Scotts Jazz club, accompanying the major jazz artists to their, and the audiences, acclaim. He became addicted to heroin; he recovered and determinedly pursued his vision of innovation and excellence in jazz music. Mr Tracey grew up in South London in the 1930’s and left school at 12yrs because of the war. He has become an auto didact of considerable accomplishment and acclaim. Stan Tracey has demonstrated beyond doubt or reproach the ability to transcend poverty, lack of formal education, addiction and develop his gifts into their fullest expression. He remains a modest and dedicated family man, and is an example to all. He is a model of resolution, contribution and artistic excellence on a par with the highest levels of achievement in the arts and sciences in our culture.