My plan is to put reviews of as many jazz gigs in Glasgow as possible on this site. Unfortunately, Jazz Glasgow have moved the main night for small-scale concerts from Sunday to Friday, and I already have things arranged for most Friday evenings between now and the end of the year (a season ticket for the Scottish Chamber Orchestra – I’m not just going out and getting guttered instead of going to concerts). As a result, there’s no review of Ryan Quigley’s Sextet who played on the 20th, and there’s unlikely to be any reviews of Brian Kellock, Konrad Wiszniewski or Colin Steele next month either. Sorry.

There is still a lot of good stuff coming up which isn’t on a Friday. Highlights include the Count Basie Orchestra, the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra playing Dizzy Gillespie, Scott Hamilton, Tommy Smith and Arild Andersen, and this year’s token jazz nomination for the Mercury Music Prize, Zoe Rahman (she is on on a Friday, but one when I’m free). Full details on the Jazz Glasgow web site.

Oh, and I’d like to congratulate the folk running Jazz Glasgow for pulling all the information together into one brochure: it makes it much easier to follow who’s playing when, without having to get one leaflet for Big Big World, another for Assembly Direct, and so on.